Summer exam timetable:

This timetable lists all scheduled exams to be sat by students at Anthony Gell School in the summer of 2023. The exams begin on 15th May 2023 and end on the 23rd June. Please note, there is a National Contingency day scheduled for Wednesday 28th June. This date would be used in the event of disruption to the advertised exam timetable as a result of an event of national importance. This is the link to the pdf for this section.

Important information about the summer exams:

a) Morning exams begin at 9.00am, students should arrive at 8.45am. Afternoon exams begin at 1.30pm, students should arrive at 1.15pm.

b) Venues: most exams will take place in the main leisure centre sports hall. For those students with access arrangements (e.g. use of a laptop), exams will take place in alternative locations such as T7. Details of specific locations will be contained on each student’s personal timetable.

c) Students should provide their own equipment including, where relevant, calculators and drawing equipment. All equipment taken into the exam room should be in a clear case.

d) Mobile phones and other internet enabled devices, watches of any kind, must not be taken into the exam room. Failure to comply with this instruction may lead to disqualification.

e) Only water in a clear bottle may be taken into the exam room (labels should be removed where possible).

This infographic is a useful summary of things students should take into account when preparing for an exam day: JCQ: preparing for exam day.

Information for candidates – using social media and examinations/assessments:

It is important that candidates understand that sharing information about assessments or exams on social media platforms is considered malpractice and can lead to action being taken against students who distribute, or discuss, this information with other candidates. Should candidates receive such information they must report this to a member of staff immediately. This advisory document summarises JCQs policy relating to use of social media and exam information JCQ – Social Media & Exams.

General information for schools on exam regulations and conduct can be found here: JCQ General Regulations on Exams, 2022-23

Results days 2023:

  • A-Level results day 2023 – Thursday 17th August
  • GCSE results day 2023 – Thursday 24th August
  • School will be open from 8.30am for students to collect A-Level results
  • School will be open from 9.00am for students to collect GCSE results

Students are welcome to collect their exam results in the main school hall on results day up until 12.00pm. Staff will be available to talk through exam results and to support students with sixth form enquiries, university and college applications, including clearing services.

Results can also be delivered by email, post and/or telephone. For students who wish their results to be collected by another person (including family members) or sent to another person’s email account, we will require their permission to authorise this.

Review of marking and appeals processes:

Should a student have concerns over their results they are entitled to apply for a range of ‘Post-Results Services’. These services include:

  • Clerical re-checks
  • Reviews of marking
  • Reviews of moderation
  • Access to scripts

Further details on post-results services can be found here: JCQ Post-Results Services 2023

The Appeals process follows the application of the post results services, including a review of marking. Appeals are used where there is a concern that the outcome of a post-results service, including a review of marking is disputed. Appeals can only be submitted by the school, on the candidate’s behalf. As in a review of marking, marks can go up, stay the same, or go down in the appeals process.

Further details on the appeals process can be found here: JCQ Appeals booklet 2023

Useful Revision Information

Please click on the relevant tab below to show useful revision information as provided by your teachers.