Exam Information Summer 2022

The information for candidates, post-results services and special considerations, contained below includes advisory documents for candidates sitting exams in Summer 2022.

Section A:

Information for candidates’ section includes essential information relating to the conduct of students in examination determined by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ)who administer exams and assessment on behalf of the examination boards. This applies to all subjects and all levels of qualification.

Information for candidates – written exams

Information for candidates – on-screen exams

Information for candidates – coursework

Information for candidates – privacy notice

Information for candidates – social media

Section B: 

Following the release of results to students, the post results service period begins. This includes clerical checks on marking, requests for a review of marking, review of moderation (for coursework components). Access to scripts following the release of results is also included in this section. Details of JCQ’s post results services, and access to scripts, are given in Section B below. School will be open for students on both results days, staff will be available to explain the post results services to students and, where necessary, will be able to support them to submit applications.

JCQ Post Results Services June 2022

Section C:

Special consideration is applicable in situations where a student is materially affected by adverse circumstances beyond their control, at the time of the assessment. This includes, for example, illness/accident, bereavement and domestic crisis. If special considerations, at the time of the assessment, are applied, the size of any allowance of additional marks will depend on the timing, nature and extent of the illness or misfortune. Further details of this process are given in the links for section C below.

JCQ A guide to the special consideration process

Section D:

The Year 11 revision timetable exists to support students in preparing for each exam. We do not have a formal leaving date for Year 11 and students will continue to attend school to work with their teachers.

Year 11 Revision Timetable May-June 2022

Notes on the revision timetable:

The revision timetable is designed to provide students with access to their teachers prior to each exam in order to revise content and develop exam technique

  • The revision timetable begins on Monday 9th May, attendance is required at revision sessions. There is no formal leaving date for Year 11, we will continue to teach students and provide revision support throughout the exam period until the last exam on the 23rd June

When using the revision timetable, students must refer to the following:

    1. Exams are the first priority- if an exam is shown that applies to students, they must attend this session
    2. Revision sessions are the second priority – if a revision session is shown that is applicable to a student they must attend (staff will direct students where there are multiple rooms indicated)
    3. If neither ‘1’ or ‘2’ apply, students will attend their normal timetabled lesson

This applies up to and including Thursday 26th May. After this date, students only need to attend school if they have an exam, revision session or a continuing lesson. As the exam period continues, some subjects will have no exams remaining and it makes sense for students to use this additional time to revise either at home or, if at school, in a learning space we will make available e.g. classrooms, the library or the café areas which are not used during lesson times. Students will need to sign in and out if they arrive or leave site during these times.

Section E:

Government arrangements for exams and grading in Summer 2022. Nationally, COVID-19 has had an impact on student learning. As a result, the Government (Office for Qualifications, Ofqual) is taking steps to ensure students this year are not unfairly disadvantaged compared to previous years. More information can be found on this by selecting the links below:

Ofqual – letter to students

Ofqual – adaptations in 2022 summer exams to ensure fairness for students

Section F:

A-level results day takes place on Thursday 18th August.

GCSE results day Is scheduled for Thursday 25th August.

For students who will not be able attend school to collect their results in person, please contact exams@anthonygell.co.uk to let us know how you wish to receive your results.

Section G:

Please see below information on Coursework/Non-Examination Assessment:

Non Examination Assessment Policy
Internal Appeals Procedure – Review of Results
Internal Appeals Procedure – Internal Assessment Decisions
Internal Appeals Form

Useful Revision Information

Please click on the relevant tab below to show useful revision information as provided by your teachers.