Accelerated Reader is a software package which is made up of the Star Reading tests and the Accelerated Reader quizzes.

It is used with Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 in order to:

  • Monitor their reading habits, ensuring that they are reading at a level that will develop their comprehension skills.
  • Give incentives to read by awarding certificates and prizes when students achieve specific targets.
  • Provide a basis for teacher intervention to guide and progress reading.

How do the students experience Accelerated Reader?

We provide regular incentives for students to read their books and take the quizzes related to them. Each month, prizes for first, second and third place in each Key Stage 3 year group are given, along with a certificate. Regular video updates are given during the month in tutor time to keep students up-to-date with who is leading.

Scores are worked out by multiplying word counts by the percentage of quizzes students get correct.  Accelerated Reader helps to give us a picture of each students’ reading practices. The quizzes are important because they show if a student has understood what they have read. If a student is regularly scoring below 60% on the quizzes then it may be that they are either reading too quickly, or the book is too difficult for them at this stage. It would, in this case, be better if they chose a book in the lower range of their ZPD.

At the end of each academic year, we reward the highest score in each year with a new tablet and reward the class with the highest average total word count in each year with food treats in lesson towards the end of the Summer term.

Students should take a quiz as soon after they finish a book as they can. Unfortunately, they cannot do this at home because of the license conditions for the software.

Books are available from the library, where students can select up to three books at a time. If students would like to read books from home then you can check the level of a book, and whether it falls within a child’s ZPD by using the following website:

On this site you can search for book titles or authors. The book level is shown after the letters BL. On the student intranet there is a recommended book list. – you need to go to the student folder and then the Recommended Reads folder. The word document is a list produced by AGS staff and also shows book levels. The TES list is far more comprehensive and has some very challenging, and some adult books. It should be used carefully and with guidance even by ambitious readers.

If students wish to read books outside of their ZPD that is fine; they should not do a quiz on a book outside of their ZPD and they do need to have at least one book that is within the ZPD.

Parents are essential to encouraging reading. You can help your child by:

  • Giving opportunities to read (anything not just books)
  • Asking about what children read
  • Talking about what you read
  • Playing word games
  • Reading with/to them
  • Encouraging them to read to younger children

If you have any other questions about Accelerated Reader or reading in Y7 and Y8 please feel free to contact Rachel Spencer on