Pastoral Care at the Anthony Gell School

At our school we aim to provide our students with a safe and secure environment in which they can feel happy, learn and make friends. Staff are committed to providing the best in Pastoral Care and rightly place the care of the whole child alongside a high standard of learning at the top of the school’s vision for success. We are an inclusive school and are experienced in ensuring children with differing needs are able to enjoy access to the school, the classroom and wider activities. We promote tolerance and respect for each other in a friendly and  supportive environment where every child matters and feels they have a voice.

There is an emphasis on positive behaviour both inside the classroom and around the wider school site. We encourage your child to use all the facilities and students have wide access to classrooms, IT and sporting facilities at breaktime and at lunchtime. We are confident that the open nature of communication and access combine to create confident and respectful young adults that are well prepared for their journey in life. We hope your child enjoys their time at school and makes the most of the extra-curricular activities on offer from sport to drama, from computer programming to tech club and from Rotary Young Chef to the speaking competition; we believe there is something for everyone at Anthony Gell.

The Pastoral Team, consists of The Head of Pastoral Care and five pastoral managers who have a variety of roles including Attendance (and behaviour) and support for students’ well-being. The Pastoral team provides support to our students and are integral toward enhancing communication between parents, students and staff.

The Pastoral Base  offers another place for students to feel safe and ask for any help and support when they require. The meeting room, within the base, allows students and staff to speak about their issues in a welcoming, supervised environment. The meeting room is also used for the multiple agencies that work alongside Gell to support the care and well-being of students.

As all the team work closely  in this Pastoral Base we can ensure that communication and responses to students’ needs are dealt with quickly and as always sensitively.

A multi agency approach

Schools do not work in isolation and we communicate regularly with other professionals working with young people. This includes the school nurse, local police, multi-agency teams and social care to name a few. By doing this we work toward ensuring you and your child are surrounded by support when required.

Pastoral Team

Rachel Pickford

Head of Pastoral Care

Designated Safeguarding Lead Officer


Chris Carr

Pastoral Manager – Fearne


Lynn Davis Patterson

Lynn Davis-Patterson

Pastoral Manager – Gell


Eleanor Wood

Pastoral Manager – Wright

Email :


Caitlin Kemp

Pastoral Manager – Nightingale


Clare Flower

Pastoral Manager – Arkwright

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