The Attendance Management System

The Pastoral Team will

  •  Operate AGS first response procedure by contacting the parents of students (all years) who have not arrived to school that morning. If parents cannot be contacted on the numbers provided,they will leave a message.
  • Oversee weekly monitoring of unexplained absence, including production of parental letters to clarify a recent absence.
  •  Ensure that a record exists for a pupil absence from parents and, if not, that the reason for absence is followed up.
  •  Ensure that all registers are completed.
  • Ensure that all suspected truancy is followed up and dealt with.
  • Arrange individual meetings with students with attendance between 85-90% – parents receive a letter outlining the reasons for the meeting.

If you have any specific questions, please contact our Pastoral Team.

Your Role as a Parent/Carer

  • Parents should notify the school if a student is absent. This includes ringing the school reception each day a student will be off ill, unless an indication of how long they’re expected to be off has been given.
  •  It is a parent/carers’ legal obligation to get their child into school.
  •  If you’re struggling to get your child into school, speak to their pastoral manager who can help offer support for you and your child.
  • All notes will be retained under the Pastoral Care System.
  • Standard letters are sent out every month for students whose attendance falls below 90%.
  • Attendance panel meetings will be held every term for students with an attendance of below 85% and the child’s parent/carer will be asked to attend.

The Average Attendance

A healthy pupil is expected to achieve an average attendance above 95%. When attendance falls below this, progress at school can be seriously affected. Students whose attendance is causing particular concern i.e. below 85%, may be referred to an Educational Welfare Officer.

The Government classify below 90% as persistent absence and require student attendance to be closely monitored. 

Click here to read the Derbyshire County Council advice on the law surrounding attendance, including parental responsibility.

Leave of Absence

Leave can be granted only by the Head on recommendation from the Pastoral Team. Parents will be expected to use the school’s official leave of absence request form.

Please click here to download a Leave Of Absence Form. This can be returned by giving an physical copy to the school reception, or by emailing a copy of your child’s pastoral manager.

Holiday Leave

Head teachers are not allowed to authorise any leave of absence, including holidays, except in exceptional circumstances. Two questions will be applied to any application.

These are:

  • Could this leave reasonably be taken at another time?
  •  Will the leave unduly affect the child’s education and progress?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, the application will be refused. Should a parent/carer decide to take their child out of school when leave has been refused, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised and this will be picked up by the Education Welfare Service.

 Short -Term Leave

The School can legally grant short-term leave for family reasons. It is for the Head to determine this.

Dental and medical appointments would constitute an authorised absence. However, we would always ask that appointments are made before or after school whenever possible. Pupils must sign out at  Pastoral Base when leaving the site for an appointment during the day and sign in when returning.

The School may, exceptionally, sanction limited absence for young carers until other arrangements can be made. The Head will set a time limit for such absences in consultation with the Deputy Head. The Head may also seek advice from the Local Authority or appropriate agency before coming to a decision.

Traveller Absences

Traveller families must have travelling absences agreed with the Headteacher. Traveller packs will be provided for those students which include set work from teachers to be completed by the student.

Authorised Vs Unauthorised Absence

An authorised absence means that you have provided evidence for an absence, that the school accept the reason you have given for your child’s absence and have marked the register accordingly.

An unauthorised absence means that you have given no reason for your child’s absence or that the school do not accept the reason you have given. The law states that parent/carers must ensure that their child regularly attends the school where they are registered. Should your child fail to attend school regularly, legal action may be taken against you.