Our Ethos

Our ethos is firmly embedded in our status as a Comprehensive school. We are a fully inclusive school which recognises the need to provide a learning environment in which all can, and do succeed. We care about our students and encourage all to aspire, whilst providing an environment in which students can achieve.

Mission Statement

Anthony Gell is a community in which learners are safe, happy, well supported and inspired. Within this learning environment, students are confident, aware of their potential and work hard in order to achieve academic excellence and self-fulfilment. Students and staff share a sense of pride in our collective achievements, and a sense of belonging to something really quite special.


A curriculum that provides challenge, motivates young people and staff and enables progression, via excellent teaching that develops students as independent learners, whilst equipping them with the knowledge they need.

A teaching style via a curriculum which is inclusive. This includes outstanding differentiation so that the pace and challenge are appropriate to the learner.

Numerous opportunities for creativity, critical analysis, problem solving and decision making when communicating and collaborating, using new technologies.