At Anthony Gell School (AGS), we believe homework can benefit students by:

  • enabling students to engage with taught material supporting retention of knowledge
  • promoting important academic research skills
  • developing time management and organisational skill

All faculty areas and subjects will set homework although the frequency and nature of homework will vary across faculties.

At AGS, we are aware that students might not have access to a suitable workspace at home and/or it might be the case that parents’ working patterns make it difficult to support children with homework. Therefore, faculties are encouraged to set homework which is manageable, and which can be completed with support in school if necessary. Form tutors will, therefore, routinely check that students are completing homework and coordinate help if needed.

We feel that by using digital technology to organise their homework, students are being well prepared for life as 21st century citizens. Therefore, Talaxy is used to set homework. With some homework, students will actually be able to use their mobile phone or personal digital device to complete tasks. Parents are also able to see what homework is being set on Talaxy. If students do not have access to a mobile phone, we can provide paper copies.

If you have questions about your child’s homework, please contact the relevant teacher or faculty leader to discuss the matter.