Gell Friends exists to generate additional funds for our school; to help pay for some of the ‘extras’ that improve every student’s experience at school.

All schools are having to work to tight budgets these days. The funds schools have are mainly used to fund the essentials such as: staffing, equipment, maintenance of buildings, and paying bills.

Gell Friends’ funds come from donations from anyone who has an interest in supporting the school. Rather than relying on unpredictable fund raising through one-off events which depend, in practice, on a few committed people giving a lot of time and effort, Gell Friends asks for a small annual donation given via Standing Order. In this way, many more people both within the school and the wider community can help AGS.

Please see below for more information on Gell Friends and how to help.

Become a Friend of Gell – Expression of Interest

If you would like to become a Friend of Gell, please click to complete the Gell Friends Application Form