The impact of the cancellation of the 2020 and 2021 exams meant that all students nationally received centre assessed, and teacher assessed grades. Students at Anthony Gell School were awarded grades that fully reflected the progress and learning that they demonstrated prior to lockdown. On both A Level and GCSE results days, our students were able to arrive in school to receive their exam grades, celebrate their results, and were then able to confidently plan for their successful transition.

The last set of externally verified grades for all schools were in 2019. In 2019 at AGS, there was an impressive 98% and 100% pass rate for students in Maths and English respectively. AGS students achieved at least a grade 5 as an average grade in sixteen different subjects. This level of success allowed students onto a range of appropriate pathways, which continued in 2020 and 2021.

In 2019, the progress 8 figure of 0.12, placed the school in 8th place in the county. The positive progress 8 figure indicates that students at AGS made more progress than their peers in most other schools nationally. The Attainment 8 score for students at Anthony Gell was 50.1, significantly above the national figure of 46.7.

In 2019, the % of students achieving the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) at grade 4+ was 32%, once again this was markedly above the national figure of 25%. At grade 5+, 22% of students achieved the EBacc standard and this compared to 17% nationally.

The results achieved by students in Year 13, placed AGS in the top 25% of schools in England. In addition, students made outstanding progress in different areas of the curriculum and achieved results in many subjects, which resulted in AGS being placed firmly in the top 10% of schools nationally in these qualifications. Students in 2019 gained a value-added score of 0.19, rated as ‘Above Average’ by the Department for Education. Any score above zero means that students perform above the standard achieved by similar students nationally and the value added outcomes in this year were particularly pleasing for our students. The Average Points Score, for our completing students, was a pleasing 35.74 equating to an average grade of B- on results day and meaning all of our students were placed in either educational settings or other transition pathways of their choice on results day 2019.

For learners who completed 16 to 19 study programmes in 2018, 100% of students were ‘retained and assessed’ in their courses. Following leaving school, at the end of their exams, 100% of students who could be traced by the DFE went on to sustained destinations with only 4% of the year group being classed as ‘activity not captured’, and no students recorded as ‘destination not sustained’, a credit to our students who have showed great determination to follow a range of educational and work opportunities. We wish them well on their journeys and look forward to learning of their successes in the coming years.

The school continues to provide a broad curriculum which includes a range of vocational qualifications and in these areas, 80% of students achieved outstanding grades of a ‘Distinction’ or ‘Distinction Star’.

Exam Results 2021

AGS Year 11 students achieved outstanding results in 2021; results which accurately reflected their impressive academic ability and which will help them to access their next stage of learning. Staff were in school to distribute results and celebrate the successes, with a group of young people who have achieved excellent grades despite the difficulties imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Headteacher, Malcolm Kelly, praised staff, students and their families for the way in which they had approached the challenges faced and congratulated students on their impressive achievements.

An increased number of students have applied for, and will be offered, places in the school’s Sixth Form, ready to start a range of courses in September. In addition to the students who will be moving into Year 12, others have gained qualifications which will enable them to progress in their chosen areas; with some opting for courses in nearby colleges, and others able to secure places on apprenticeships.

The teacher assessed grades which were submitted by the school were all agreed by the examination boards, with no changes to grades required, following a rigorous process of internal assessment and external moderation. The 2021 results compare very favourably with previous AGS cohorts.

Mr Kelly stated “We are immensely proud of all the work and achievements of our students, especially after such a difficult and disrupted couple of years. Staff have worked tirelessly to ensure students are able to progress in a range of different pathways. The strong partnerships which exist between students, staff and the students’ families have helped in securing these grades. Our students have approached their studies with determination, resilience and fortitude; making the most of the opportunities which have been made available to them. They have grown physically, mentally and emotionally during their time at AGS and they are outstanding ambassadors for their generation and excellent role models. They have wonderful futures ahead of them and we are looking forward to seeing what they will go on to do and achieve. It was wonderful to see so many overjoyed students in school this morning and the sense of relief amongst a group of people who have worked so hard throughout the recent challenges was palpable. Families and friends celebrated together and enjoyed the moment.

Click Here to view Mr Kelly’s letter to Year 11s on results day 2021

There were lots of smiles on faces as Year 13 students collected their results at AGS this morning. Staff were on hand to congratulate the students and share in the celebrations which followed.

The outstanding results closely matched those achieved by students at AGS in previous years and reflected the strengths of a group of outstanding young people.

Headteacher, Malcolm Kelly, stated how pleased he was with the way staff and students had responded to all that had been asked of them during the challenges faced in 2020 and 2021. None of the teacher assessed grades which were submitted in July have been altered following external moderation, demonstrating the confidence the exam boards have in the processes which were followed at AGS. “These results are a very good indication of the achievements of this group of students and accurately reflect many of their strengths. The robust assessments which students sat combined with their hard work, whilst in school and during the national lockdowns, has enabled teaching staff to provide a very accurate set of grades for each young person. Grades which have been verified by each of the examination boards. Our students have shown how resilient they are and have adapted wonderfully well, often leading by example, to all that has been asked of them. Their progress in a diverse range of qualifications and careers has been made possible, thanks to their approach and the determination and resolve of staff. Staff, students and their families have worked in partnership throughout their time at AGS and never more so than during the last 18 months. This group of young people have wonderful futures ahead, and they will make very positive contributions to whichever areas they choose to work and study in.

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DfE Performance Tables