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What is The Anthony Gell School Foundation and What Does It Do?

The Anthony Gell School Foundation is a Charitable Trust responsible for administering its property and investments for the benefit of the School and its students. It provides items, services and facilities for the school. It also promotes the education of persons who are in need of financial assistance in the following order of priority:

  • Students of the school
  • Anyone who has at any time attended the school
  • Persons under the age of 25 and resident in the Parish of Wirksworth and the surrounding villages.

Foundation Trustee Vacancy

The Anthony Gell Foundation has, for many years, looked after our school and our students. This charitable trust is responsible for the land the school sits upon as well as some of the buildings used by the school.  The Headteacher works closely with the trustees of the Anthony Gell Foundation in order to help them fulfil their roles.

Some of the more recent benefits to the school, as a result of our Foundation include: the excellent artificial pitches enjoyed by students and members of our community, our use of Wirksworth Leisure Centre, and some of our recent refurbishment of rooms and teaching spaces.

The Anthony Gell Foundation relies on a small number of elected trustees, who provide their time free of charge and who work together to ensure the ongoing success of the trust and who contribute to the ongoing success of our school.

A vacancy is soon to exist, which provides an opportunity to volunteer to join as a Trustee.

If you would like any more details about the role of a Trustee in the Anthony Gell Foundation, or you would like to have a chat about any of this, please feel free to contact Mr Kelly in school or contact the Foundation’s secretary, Mr Hugo Lane. Hugo’s contact details are contained in the attached documents.

Applications should be returned to Hugo by Monday 11 July. 

What Properties and Which Investments Provide This Money?

In recent years, the Foundation has sold much of its property and land, with the resulting money invested to provide funds for the benefit of the school. Currently the Foundation still owns:

  • The Hannage Playing Fields
  • Half of School House
  • The unadopted stone surfaced cul-de-sac at the end of Canterbury Terrace
  • The perimeter land around the outside of the playing fields
  • The land on which the school is built on

The Community Leisure Centre and Car Park

These were completed in 2001 by Derbyshire Dales District Council. The management of the Centre was taken over by Freedom Leisure in August 2018. The Foundation, along with other bodies, lobbied for the Leisure Centre to continue in partnership with the school, something which has been agreed and enshrined in a Revised Use Agreement. The Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre are built on land leased on a long term basis to 2079.

Use of Funds

The Foundation holds funds from bequests, donations and property sales. Since 1988, an overall total of over £860,000 has been used for charitable purposes. This funding has helped to make projects happen, assisted students with equipment and book purchases, and helped to develop facilities. Some of these projects have attracted significant external funding. Special Projects include:

  • Sixth Form accommodation – £16,000
  • Science Block improvements – £10,000
  • Changing Room Improvements – £25,000 (out of a total £70,000)
  • Floodlit All Turf Pitch – £70,000 towards a total of £250,000 in 2001
  • Additional All Weather Floodlit Pitch, car park for 23 cars and resurfacing existing all turf pitch (2013-15) – £292,000 from a total of £463,00

A full list of projects can be provided on request from the Foundation Secretary at:

Financial Spending Strategy is in place and the Trustees have agreed an Ethical Investment Policy. The Foundation welcomes the receipt of donations and bequests.

Click here to view the Foundation Funding Streams

Who Is Involved?                       

Seven Trustees: Cathy Cooke (Chair), Anna Bristow (Vice Chair), Simon Hobbs, Nick Hodgson, Chris Whittall, Debi Hedderwick and Lee Shakespeare.

The Foundation’s Governing Document allows for appointments for up to 4 years which can be renewed. Lee Shakespeare and Debi Hedderwick are the current representatives of the Foundation on the School’s Governing Body.

Representatives of School Governing Body: Lee Stephens (Chair of Governors), Rosie Harrison (Governor) and Malcolm Kelly (Headteacher).

Three Voluntary Special Advisers: Glenn McClenaghan (Legal), Peter Jones (Financial)and Michael Allsop.

Secretary: Hugo Lane.

Requests for funding can be made via the school or to the Foundation secretary at: