October 2018 –  This school continues to be Good.

This was a Section 8 Inspection consisting of a one day monitoring visit.  The list below contains some highlights from our inspection report. We are proud of the achievements of our school and our students who perform at their very best. It is good to see that Ofsted recognised the strengths of our community.

  • “Strong and effective leadership…a committed staff team.”
  • “Successfully combining the school’s long-standing caring and compassionate ethos with a greater focus on ensuring that pupils achieve in line with their capabilities.”
  • “A more aspirational culture.”
  • “Teachers and pupils have very positive relationships. As a result, pupils behave well in lessons.”
  • “Pupils demonstrate positive attitudes to learning and take pride in their work.”
  • ” A strong culture of safeguarding exists in the school.”
  • “Current pupils are on track to achieve ambitious targets and make even better progress.”
  • “A higher proportion of pupils and students attaining the highest grades across the range of subject in GCSE and A Level.”

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February 2015 – Anthony Gell is a Good school.

A Section 5 Inspection took place. The list below contains some highlights from our inspection report.

  • “Students’ behaviour is excellent. They are very diligent with their work, courteous and highly motivated to succeed.”
  • “All groups of students make good progress and achieve well.”
  • “There are very positive working relationships between students and teachers in all subjects and students’ willingness to work together on challenging tasks is often impressive.”
  • “Teachers set homework regularly and use it to extend students’ learning appropriately. The range of the work is stimulating and students complete it conscientiously.”
  • “Parents are overwhelmingly supportive of their community school. Several wrote to inspectors commending its work.”

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