Anthony Gell School Practice and Procedures – Snow

It is our intention to open as normal during periods of inclement weather. We take our responsibilities to educate and care for young people seriously, and are aware of the impact on parents and carers if the school is closed at short notice.  However, careful assessment needs to be made about whether opening in snowy conditions is appropriate. There are several factors to consider. These include:

  • The severity of the weather at the time.
  • The forecast and likelihood of change in the weather.
  • The condition of the school site, and our ability to offer lessons in school.
  • Access to the school via local and regional roads for staff and students.
  • Operation of School Transport.

We endeavour to provide parents with as much notice as we can. Our website will be regularly updated during periods of challenging weather.

On days of snow or ice, early inspection of the site is conducted to establish whether the site is safe, dependent upon the above factors. If the site is deemed safe, further checks are conducted throughout the day – the weather may deteriorate, the forecast may change, the ability of school transport may change or unforeseen other factors may impact on our ability to operate. Therefore, we may be forced to close during the course of a school day. Again, we will always try to provide parents with as much notice as possible and make every effort to ensure pupils and staff can leave the school and return home safely.

We will use the following methods to communicate with parents:

  • Information will be on the landing page of our school website.
  • Information will be posted to our Twitter feed.
  • We will aim to email parents via the ParentPay platform and our School information System (Sometimes heavy use by many schools can cause delays to messages getting through)
  • Information will be updated to the Derbyshire County Council website

Sometimes these judgments are difficult. We appreciate your patience and understanding at these times.

Online learning – In the event of a snow closure (before 7:30am)

Years 7,8 and 9 (Key Stage 3)

For all students in Years 7-9 you will find a range of activities on the 5th Hour section of the intranet. You will need to go to the Anthony Gell website, click on the gold link button on the right hand side and select ‘AGS Student Intranet’. Then you will be able to log in to your school account. The button is on the bottom row of the Year 7-9 section of the student intranet. We would like you to make sure you spend at least half an hour reading today and that you complete 3 hours of work of your choice from the 5th hour selections. There is a huge range of work there so you should definitely be able to find something that you’ll enjoy doing.

We will upload more tasks to this area of the intranet as the day goes on so please keep checking back and make sure that you send photos and videos of your work to your teachers so we can celebrate the amazing learning you’ve been doing at home.

Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 (Key Stage 4 and 5)

Teachers will send out Teams invites to all students in KS4 and KS5 to conduct their lessons online just as we did during the period of home schooling.  Not all teachers will be online for the whole lesson but they will be there to give you instructions and offer you support to compete the work that is set.
If for any reason you do not receive an invite to a lesson then please presume the lesson is cancelled (examples would include if a teacher is off sick).
If you have any questions then please contact your teachers directly.
There will be no CR / core PE lessons or tutor time on snow days, so enjoy any free time you might gain.