Sixth Form study is both challenging and extremely rewarding. It is the culmination of your school career and preparation for the next stage of your life as an independent, confident adult.

Working at this level will provide you with the opportunity to enjoy and study subjects in depth. Making the right choices about your options and learning how to manage an increased workload is fundamental to your success. We take pride in the level of support we give every individual throughout their Sixth Form journey, and know that if you work hard, you will do very well. In addition to your academic studies, we offer a huge number of opportunities to explore other interests and develop transferrable skills that will help you grow in confidence and enhance your employability.

Although we are a relatively small school, we do have a thriving and successful Sixth Form, with large numbers of students choosing to stay at Anthony Gell School. We also welcome students who meet the entrance criteria and wish to move to Anthony Gell for their post-16 study.

Sixth Form Prospectus 2022-2024

6th Form Prospectus 2022 2024


After months of lockdown and significant uncertainty about exam results in 2020, it was a relief to see students in Year 13 collect a fantastic set of grades and secure places on their preferred courses. 

This group of young people have, along with their peers in other schools, had to cope with so much more this year but have done so in a manner in which they can be very proud of. 

Our Year 13s have achieved so much more than a set of exam results. These young people have grown and developed during their time at AGS and have contributed a great deal to the success of the school. They have experienced learning in and outside of the classrooms and will have many memories of activities, trips and events, which will have helped them to develop their wide range of skills and talents. Friendships have been forged which will last a lifetime and they have made a lasting impression on all who had the privilege to work with them. 

The excellent examination results mean that almost all of the AGS Year 13s have secured a place on their preferred course at their first choice University. A small number have chosen to progress on different pathways, including a few who have been successful in gaining sought after places on higher level apprenticeships.

Wherever the future takes these talented young people they will be outstanding ambassadors for AGS and make a positive difference in the world.

We very much look forward to hearing about their future successes, which build on what they’ve achieved to date, and hope to be able to invite them back into school soon in order for them to take part in various celebratory events. 

Malcolm Kelly


Click Here for a copy of the letter sent to Year 13 about results day.


The Sixth Form at Anthony Gell School is open to all students who have completed five years of secondary education and who show the aspiration and industry to profit from further study.

In addition to the prospectus there are some key meetings to assist the decision making process. These include the Open Evening and Year 11 parents’ evening.  All Anthony Gell students in Year 11 will also be timetabled for individual interviews with senior staff to discuss options on a one-to-one basis.  Students from other schools are welcome to visit during the day and talk to staff individually about courses.

Learning Mentors

We have a dedicated Sixth Form study room, with access to laptop computers. This is staffed by our Sixth Form Learning Mentor. Our Learning Mentor provides support to our Sixth Form students with many aspects  of their Sixth Form study including proof-reading coursework, study skills, support with UCAS and other applications. The study room is open to all Sixth Form students and we encourage students to use it to complete work and access support.  Studying A ‘Levels requires a lot of independent study and the workload is much more than for GCSEs; using this room in study periods is a good way to effectively manage independent study.

Post-16 Education at AGS

There are many reasons for staying at AGS after the age of sixteen.  These are some of the most common:

  • Preparation for entry to Higher Education (University, or other Higher Education providers).  Advanced level qualifications, or other Level 3 qualifications are essential for this.
  • Preparation for employment/Apprenticeships at the age of 18 in fields of work where Level 3 qualifications are required or helpful.
  • Improving the qualifications gained in the public examinations taken at the age of 16 so as to be eligible for some particular field of employment or course of study.

Why AGS?

There are a number of advantages, depending on the circumstances and requirements of individual students. The most important are:

  • Courses available – We offer a wide range of Advanced level subjects and opportunities for ‘retakes’ in Maths and English.  We have very flexible arrangements for combining these to suit the individual student.  Results are consistently strong.  There are wide opportunities for enrichment in our local community through work experience, Young Enterprise, involvement in sports, the arts and service in and outside of school.
  • Staff – In many cases the staff know you already and know where you might be likely to have difficulties or excel. They will certainly know the work you have done previously and be very familiar with the courses you have followed in previous years.
  • Friends – Staying on at school means that you will have an opportunity to remain with your present friends who are also staying on.
  • Travel to school is easy for most students, particularly those in Wirksworth or areas served by the contract buses.  Although bus travel may now incur some costs, these will almost certainly be no more than travelling to Buxton, Derby or Chesterfield and, for most, there will be a considerable saving of time.

For further information on any aspect of sixth form study please contact to our Director of Sixth Form Mrs Julia Moseley –