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Anthony Gell Foundation

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 What is it and what does it do?

 The Foundation is a Charitable Trust responsible for administering its property and investments for the benefit of the School and its students. A 1910 Scheme, updated and approved by the Charity Commission on 25 May 2005, has objectives to:

 1) Provide items, services and facilities for Anthony Gell School

2) Promote the education of persons who are in need of financial assistance in the following order of priority who are :

 a) Attending the school; or

  b) Have at any time attended the school; or

  c) Are under the age of 25 and resident in the Parish of Wirksworth, and the surrounding villages

It is important to note that Foundation Support to School is for additionality in education provision and services,but not core funding.



 Who is Involved?

Foundation is separate from School's Governing Body, but there are Governor representatives at Trustees meetings. Foundation meets 5 times a year and has:

6 Trustees – John Thompson (Chairman), Anna Bristow (Vice Chairman), Cathy Cooke, Simon Hobbs, Nick Hodgson, Joe Brough and Chris Thompson. The scheme allows for appointments for up to 4 years which can be renewed. Simon Hobbs and Cathy Cooke are the current representatives of the Trust on the Governing Body

Governing Body representatives on the Trust are Malcolm Kelly (Headteacher), Annie Nelson and Rosie Harrison.

Voluntary Special Adviser –  Peter Jones (Financial)

Clerk - – Hugo Lane  email:

 Trustees preferably live and or work locally and it is good to have people who have been educated and/or had children at Anthony Gell. Experience in the public or private sector, charity involvement or financial investment, property management and/or school governing body experience are assets. However, enthusiasm for the School and integrity are most important.


 Property owned by the Foundation used to be in and around School and some land elsewhere. Now it is the Hannage Playing Fields, plus School’s half of School House and some neighbouring land which has all been recorded with the Land Registry. We also own the land which School is built on and is used for education purposes. The Learner Pool and Leisure Centre are built on Foundation land leased on a long term basis.

  Over the last few years we have reviewed the property we own with the first priority being achievement of maximum benefits to school. We have sold some areas (in consultation with the Headteacher and governing Body),for development with the funds being protected and used for improving School facilities and resources

The Community Leisure Centre & car park was completed in 2001 by Derbyshire Dales District Council (we granted a long term lease). It provided a wonderful addition to School and Community facilities which is well used with an excellent partnership with the School. We have been involved in discussions with the District Council who engaged consultants to advise about options for  a review of their Leisure Services and Centres. We are supporting and working with them and the same consultants in producing a specification for tenders to run all 4 of their Leisure Centres from Summer, 2017. Joint use by School is a key part of planned ongoing arrangements.

 We have done and are continuing with environmental improvements to perimeter land we own, mostly around the outside of the Playing Fields, after very helpful responses from local people to a questionnaire survey. We welcomed funding support from the County, District and Town Councils and the Exton Trust for work done which has included tree and shrub planting, removable of dilapidated fences, installation of 3 benches, path improvements and directional signs on footpaths to places and facilities. We let an annual maintenance contract for perimeter land we own and re-charge school for some works.

Use of Funds

 We use funds from bequests, donations and property sales. They were modest at first but have grown following property disposals and with leasehold rent and some donations for specific purposes which have been most welcome. Since 1988 support given to the School, Projects and Students has amounted to £479.869 plus ATP/Multi Use Games Area/Car Park Project 2014/15 with net expenditure after grants and donations of £292,000 (Gross expenditure £463,000) making an overall total of £761,719 Most of this has been since the beginning of 1996. This has helped make projects happen, assisted students, equipment and book purchases and facility developments. It has attracted external funding in several cases. A Summary of Projects assisted is in the Annex attached.

We have a small fund remaining for Special Needs (£1,000). Recently donations have kindly been made towards Archives (£1,000), Arts equipment for less able students (£200) as well as for outdoor education, adventure and sport (£1,600).

A Financial Spending Strategy is in place with areas for support based on advice from the Headteacher planned for Students, Departments, whole School projects, Sports facilities and improvements to Property and Environment. We have also agreed an Ethical Investment Policy. The Foundation welcomes the receipt of donations and bequests for spending by the charity in accordance with its objectives, and welcomed the establishment of a Gell Friends Group and launch of that in September 2013.                                                

  Anthony Gell School Foundation Awards and Donations                        

 Special Projects supported include:

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