Curriculum Intent

Anthony Gell School is a community where everyone, whatever their role, works hard to create a learning environment which includes a rich and varied curriculum; this curriculum is evident throughout all of the different aspects of the school’s life.  It is a curriculum which provides us with opportunities to explore, learn more about the world in which we live, and equips us well for future learning and employment.

In order to do this, we believe it is important that everyone involved develops the skills and knowledge necessary to become self-motivated, independent and confident learners, with the social awareness to make a difference and care about ourselves, others and our environment.

Through the breadth and depth of our curriculum, we continually endeavour to create opportunities that will highlight and enhance the important skills we value, including literacy and numeracy.

We constantly strive to improve our ability to work as a team, by developing our sense of empathy and understanding, as well as knowing when and how to lead.

Encouraged to be creative, and confident to take risks when learning, we are not afraid to make mistakes and aim to be resilient in the face of difficulties.  We support one another and celebrate our own successes as much as we celebrate those of others.

We endeavour to be more self-aware and make good decisions with regards to our mental and physical health.  We work, as part of a larger community, to develop a careful awareness, understanding and acceptance of others’ beliefs, opinions and individuality.

Curriculum Information

Our curriculum is designed to help students to develop confidence in themselves and their abilities, to feel valued and value others and to appreciate the world at large.

We have designed our curriculum on the basis that we believe all our students have talents and abilities that it is our responsibility to discover and develop. We have the highest expectations of what young people can achieve when presented with the correct level of challenge. We believe that students thrive best in a nurturing, well-ordered environment, where they develop the self-confidence to take risks and push themselves to achieve academic success.

Our curriculum caters for all, with alternative pathways available for those who have individual needs such as Special Educational Needs (SEN), extra support or indeed extra challenge. All students can succeed at Anthony Gell School and we have a track record of success that will give parents or carers confidence about the five or seven year journey their child has in our successful school.

For further information regarding our school curriculum, please contact Mrs Katy Lowe – Assistant Headteacher –  Curriculum, via email:

Key Stages

Key Stage 3 Curriculum – School Years 7 to 9

Key Stage 4 Curriculum – School Years 10 to 11

Key Stage 5 Curriculum – School Years 12 to 13