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Governing body

The main purpose of the Governing Body is to help the school provide the best possible education for students by:

The Head is responsible for the internal organisation and management of the school, but will look to the Governors for support and challenge. It is the duty of the Governors, working with the Head, to keep under review the way the school is developing.

Governing Body Responsibilities

The Governing Body is responsible for tasks such as:

The Governing Body’s main role is to help raise standards of achievement. School governance is the most important volunteering role in education and an effective Governing Body is a source of enormous strength to a school. As such Governors are at the heart of how a school operates. It is important they get things right. How they do their job affects pupils, staff and how the school is seen by parents and others in the community.

Clerk to Governors        Heather Harper    01629 825577

Current membership of the Governing Body

Governors' Register of Business Interests

Governors' Attendance at Meetings

What Do Governors Do?

Governors are expected to lend their support in ensuring that the school is doing its best for all students. Some of the ways they offer support are as follows:

All governors are also expected to be involved in more specific tasks such as:

In addition individual governors may be asked to take a role in a number of other activities. In considering which of these governors participate in, the particular expertise, experience and interests of individual governors will be important: Examples of these are Chair one of the sub committees; be a member of a sub-committee other than a standing committee; organise induction for new governors, work with a member of the SLT on a particular area of responsibility such as health and safety, safe guarding, etc, participate in disciplinary procedures as appropriate.

Where Can I get Additional Information?

If you would like to contact our Governing Body for more information regarding Governors or how to become a Governor then please email us on

If you would like to contact the Chair of Governors directly then please email

There are also a number of websites that can give you more general information, including how to become a Governor. Some of these are; 

Governors Visits and Documents

These links are for Governors' use only:

Governors' documents

Governors' visits