Anthony Gell School

Reward System

Every student should expect their achievements to be recognised and at the Anthony Gell School we operate a system that works to support achievement and reward the positive contributions our students make across a wide range of areas.

All staff are able to issue rewards using our Class Charts software according to the guidelines set out in our behaviour policy. Staff will issue rewards points to recognise a wide number of areas of achievement including:

  • Making good progress against each students targets
  • Outstanding attendance
  • Supporting the community
  • Involvement in fund raising efforts
  • Taking part in wider activities e.g. drama productions , sporting clubs


Each member of staff will issue rewards points according to the following table:






All Staff

Every day achievements;

Good work, effort, behaviour, positive attitude, supporting others


Verbal/written (in work book) praise

Award points on PARS



All staff

Repeated every day achievements or a single major achievement;

Consistent good work, excellent effort, behaviour, improvement, achieving targets, maintaining consistent standards, contribution to school life


Award points on PARS


Phone call/email home


3 Teachers



Outstanding work and contribution to the classroom or wider school community

e.g. sports activity, school performance (drama, dance, music), helping out at events (e.g. Y6 parents evening). Helping others. Outstanding attendance (termly – 97% or above)

As appropriate

Award points on PARS

Give profile to student and their work, display where appropriate

Promote achievement through school newsletter, local press


Heads of House / Faculty Heads

Exceptional (excellence) prolonged effort and attendance. Out of school contributions. Charity fund-raising efforts. Outstanding contribution to the House or Tutor Group

Or in support of fellow students

As appropriate

Award points on PARS

Communicate with home (email, phone-call)

Assembly celebration



Outstanding contribution to the community

Outstanding achievement

Overcoming adversity

As appropriate / termly

Award points on PARS

Communicate with home (email, phone-call)


  As students reach thresholds in the number of reward points they receive they are entitled to a range of rewards.

The table below shows the rewards currently on offer:

Year Group

100 Points

150 Points

200 Points

250 Points

300 Points

350 Points

Year 7 to 9

Emails are sent when students achieve:

-100 Points

-150 Points

-200 Points

-250 Points

-300 Points

-350 Points

All students who achieve 350 points get entered into the price draw to win an iPad.

A Choice of:

-£1.00 AGS Voucher

for school, or Walker’s butcher




Fast Pass to the lunch queue

A Choice of:

-£1.50 AGS Voucher

for school, or Walker’s butcher




Fast Pass to the lunch queue

A Choice of:

-£2.00 AGS Voucher

for school, or Walker’s butcher




Fast Pass to the lunch queue


A choice of:

-£2.50 AGS Voucher

for school, or Walker’s butcher




Fast Pass to the lunch queue 


 Amazon Voucher

Free end of year trip  (points received up to 8th June)

Year 10

Year 11

Prom Discount

Free Prom Ticket

Year 12

Discounted driving lesson or Amazon Voucher

 Extra driving lesson

Year 13

 Prom Discount

Free Prom Ticket


House System


Best TG of the Term

Best overall TG of the Year

Best House of the Year

Café breakfast for the winning group

Tutor group shield

House Points shield

End of Year Celebration

Year 11 leavers buffet lunch - certificates

Celebration assembly to recognise e.g. achievement, organisation, contribution to school community etc.






Best attending Tutor Group of the Half Term

Termly attendance celebration assembly

100% attendance

10 Points per student

 Termly certificates

Amazon Voucher, certificate and letter from the Headteacher

Parents are able to find out about how many rewards points their child has been awarded through the school’s Insight facility (the logon can be found via the link at the bottom of the webpage). Parents will also receive other communications from school (as shown in the previous tables) such as emails, phone calls and/or postcards to share the positive message.