Anthony Gell School

British Values


 British Values at Anthony Gell School (AGS)

Aims of the School: to promote tolerance, mutual respect, care of others and to develop successful citizens of the future, all of which are detailed in school policies e.g. anti-bullying and behaviour.

AGS is a school for the whole community, where students are happy, feel safe and secure; are successful and are able to develop their potential to the full. We aim to develop skills and knowledge that will serve our students well, in a rapidly changing world. As a Specialist Sports College we also encourage all of our students to develop healthy lifestyles and to take part in a wide range of sports and activities.

Pastoral care and individual academic monitoring for every individual are vital parts of our school and we pride ourselves on the care we provide for each and every student. Education is most successful when parents, students and the school, work closely together as we aim to develop a positive partnership with all the families with whom we work.

AGS actively promotes the importance of British values. The information below clearly signposts how and where, as a school we demonstrate on a daily basis that we promote and discuss the following:

Tutor Time

A vertical tutor system is a key part to why we believe our students develop tolerance and mutual respect for each other. Students are at ease with their older peers and use this time to help each other in terms of school work or for wider discussions relating to the many talking points raised by the daily school bulletin.

Weekly Religious Assemblies

Our assembly rota means that students in both KS3 and KS4 regularly receive assemblies that address Fundamental British Values. In addition every Thursday, students receive an assembly delivered by the Wirksworth Team Ministry (a group of Church of England churches found in the Derbyshire Dales).

Students also attend a House Assembly each term. These are led by a Senior Tutor and regularly address topical issues relating to our role in our community and wider society. Promoting British Values at Anthony Gell School

Student Council – Democracy and Freedom of Speech

We regularly consider the views of our students through AGS Student Council. This student body is organised and managed by 6th form students with elections being held and appointments made from each House from KS3 & 4 students.

Parental Surveys

Parents are consulted on a regular basis to check that the aims and the values of the school are clearly communicated. Parents fill out questionnaires at all Parents Evenings and information evenings. In addition Governors conduct parent interviews to gather additional thoughts or concerns of parents.

Student Leadership

A well developed student leadership program is still operated within school by the cluster School Sports Coordinator - Janice Price. Student Leaders raise funds, coach and lead teams in AGS. They also liaise closely with our primary school students and take the lead with KS2 student sports participation.

Extra curricular

There are regular opportunities for students to participate in extra curricula events at lunch time and after school. In addition, opportunities exist for students to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh award and for students to represent school in sports, drama and music performances.

Calendared Events, festivals and celebrations

Other examples of calendared events that we feel support British Values or traditions: