Anthony Gell School

House System

Our tutoring system consists of 4 houses, Arkwright, Fearne, Gell and Wright. Each house is formed from 5 tutor groups,  consisting of mixed ages from Years 7 to 11.  There are also 5 tutor groups in our Sixth Form comprised of  Year 12 & 13. All tutor groups have 2 adults in the room to help provide a high quality of knowledge of a child’s background and needs.
We aim to communicate regularly with families in order to share information and concerns early in order to provide a supportive and informed service; these might be family issues, support with homework or attendance concerns.
You will get to know your child’s tutor team well and they will form an important part of the management of daily needs in an increasingly busy life. We have a new Pastoral Base and Student Reception and hope you will feel comfortable picking up the phone and letting us know your needs whenever you need to.
Each House is led by a Senior Tutor who is also there to support your child, particularly if there are more complex emerging needs. We hope that you will build a positive relationship with the Senior Tutor of your house that compliments the work of the tutor teams who see your child daily.

Colleen Allen

Head of Arkwright


Sharon Walker

Head of Fearne


Phil Pover

Head of Gell


Julia Moseley

Head of Wright