W.C Monday 16th May 2022 – Week Two


  • This week marks the beginning of the common Y11 GCSE timetable. Good luck to all!
  • Monday 16th May is the deadline to purchase tickets for the Year 11 prom – students to see Mrs Lowe for menu choices after tickets have been purchased. Tickets are available to be purchased on ParentPay.


If the following payments apply to you, please make the payment via ParentPay as soon as possible:

  • The Activity Days payments are now on ParentPay. If your child is going on a chargeable activity, please make the payments by this Friday (20th May)
  • Year 11 Hoodies – If your child has ordered a hoodie, please make this payment as soon as possible, as the deadline was 7th April.
  • Year 11 prom tickets are on sale until the end of Monday 16th May, costing £43.75 per ticket.
  • Ski Trip – If your child is going on the ski trip, the third instalment of £250 is due by this Friday (20th May)


Some clubs taking place this week include:

  • Monday 16th May – Y8 & Y9 Drama Club – 11.05am-11.30am – T5
  • Tuesday 17th May – Art Club – 3.30pm-4.30pm – Art 1
  • Wednesday 18th May – Recreational Badminton – 12.50pm-1.10pm – Sports Hall
  • Thursday 19th May – Urban Choir – 3.30pm-4.30pm – Music Room (£1.50 charge per student)
  • Friday 20th May – Y12 Recreational Sport – 12.50pm-1.10pm – Sports Hall


  • Monday 16th May – Start of Y11 Common GCSE Timetable.
  • Monday 16th May – Auditions for School Show – The Demon Headmaster – 3.30pm-5.00pm – Mrs Fordham, Mrs Hampton or Mrs Forrester in Music Room.
  • Tuesday 17th May – Academisation Consultation – For more information, please click here
  • Tuesday 17th May – Start of KS3 Book Club – 12.30pm-12.50pm in E4.
  • Wednesday 18th May – Saturday 21st May – Year 12 Geography Fieldwork Trip to Lake District
  • Wednesday 18th May – Y7-Y10 Presentation from Police (Knife Crime)
  • Wednesday 18th May – Y7 & Y8 Quorn Presentation & Taster Session
  • Thursday 19th May – Y8 Virtual Parents’ Evening (via Insight)
  • Saturday 21st May – Music Centre – 8.15am-12.15pm – E5, English Block, Hall & Art 1.

Tip of the Month – Teaching & Learning

As part of our work to help students deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding we use a range of activities that re-visit learning from previous lessons or topics.  These are often carried out at the start of lessons but can be completed at any point.  Students will increasingly see the use of this retrieval logo in lessons to help them understand why they are completing these types of tasks.

Sixth Form: