Mrs Fordham

Course Information

We aim to enable all students to gain confidence in the 3 core criteria in Music, performing, composing and listening.  Students use a variety of instruments including keyboard, ukulele and un tuned percussion.  Students experience music form the Western Classical Tradition, contemporary styles and World Music.

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7Students are introduced to the Elements of Music through performing, composing and listening. They have experience of following a keyboard course and learn basic rhythm and notation.
Year 8Students continue to develop their knowledge of music through performing, composing and listening and extend their knowledge of genres looking into styles such as the Blues. They follow a ukulele/guitar course which they can then use in practical work.
Year 9Students focus on performing and composing skills in preparation for key stage 4. They look band skills and musical parodies working with groups.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

There are a vast array of Music opportunities outside of the curriculum. These include an Urban Choir, Woodwind group, and rehearsals for an annual school show. Concerts and recitals are a regular part of the yearly calendar and there are lots of opportunities for all to demonstrate their talent.

We have 10 visiting instrumental teachers who offer opportunities to all student to learn to play an instrument or have lessons in Music Production and/or song writing.


Students are assessed on a termly basis and carry out an assessment at the end of each unit. Verbal assessment and feedback forms a vital part of each lesson. Homework’s are set on a termly basis.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Music curriculum please email for more information.