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Course Information

Everybody CAN do maths. There is no such thing as CAN’T do maths. We also believe that our curriculum is for all. In our lessons, we will aim to set tasks that are accessible for all. Within these tasks, learners will be encouraged to investigate and develop a deeper understanding.

The focus at KS3 is to ensure that all individuals are not only confident and positive mathematicians, but also enjoy and explore the subject through a variety of engaging tasks.

Our scheme of work is divided into five main topic areas, these are:-

            Using and Applying Maths              Shape and Space          Ratio and Proportion

            Number and Algebra                           Data Handling

The work on each of the five areas is spread out over the years. The first area, Using and Applying Maths is a general theme, which is integrated into the rest of our work.

In some lessons, the whole class will be working on the same activity. These are always designed so that all students can cope with the basic activity and further, more demanding work will be available for the more able students.  We thus make every effort to deal with each child as an individual.  Support for the least able includes close liaison with the Learning Support Department and a variety of other materials which are available to support the main scheme.

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7During this year, students are taught in mixed ability groups up until February half term. All five topic areas are covered and students are encouraged to build their confidence in Maths through a variety of activities.
Year 8Students continue to build upon the five topic areas covered in Year 7, developing further skills in preparation for Year 9.
Year 9In Year 9, students continue to be in sets and begin a foundation of GCSE course. Students will initially start on either the Higher or Foundation Tier.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Students have the opportunity to take part in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust Maths Challenges, run by the University of Leeds, which are aimed at the top levels of ability. The three different tiers of the Challenge, Junior, Intermediate and Senior, allow students in all year groups to enter, with the material in the Challenges testing students’ intuitive mathematical ability.


Students are formally assessed each half term. Following each assessment, students will be made aware of their own strengths and areas for development.

Homework is set on a regular basis through a variety of tasks.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Maths curriculum please email: for more information.