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Course Information

Geography provides students with the opportunity to further gain a sense of place, through contexts from the local to the global. Through learning about geography in Years 7, 8 and 9, students build upon their understanding of the world around them whilst developing the essential skills they require to become confident and informed global citizens.  We believe strongly that the experience that students gain from learning about Geography should equip them with the vital knowledge and understanding of their role in an ever changing and uncertain world.

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7Students start their learning journey by considering the role of geography in the 21st century, before moving on to learn about Wirksworth and its context in the wider area. The programme of study then journeys further afield on a journey far across the continents to some of Earth’s most inspiring places. Finally, we consider the fragility of Earth’s natural environments and how decision making plays an instrumental role in ensuring the future health of the tropical rainforest and Antarctica.
Year 8Students begin Year 8 by exploring the concept of population growth and the impact that this is having on the planet. They then move on to study the physical processes and landforms associated with coastal environments before studying the damage that is being done to marine ecosystems as a result of plastic pollution. Students then discover the region of Africa and the Middle East before ending the year studying the geography of festivals, including their impacts on local settlements and environments.
Year 9Geography in Year 9 begins with an exploration of tectonic processes and hazards before moving on to consider the uncertain futures that migration causes, particularly for refugees. The concepts of globalisation and superpowers are considered through an in-depth study of China, India and Russia before students embark on discovering more about the challenges that global cities face and how these challenges can be managed.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

The department offers opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom in each year group in key stage three.  This involves utilising the school site and the local area to practice key geographical skills and develop an understanding of the fieldwork process in year 7 through to venturing further afield in year 8 and culminating in urban fieldwork in a UK major city in year 9.


We use a range of assessment techniques across the department. Learning is assessed routinely in lessons as well as in more formal assessment settings.  We feel this helps students to reflect on their learning and teachers to adapt their practice to support the progress of students.  Detailed feedback is given to students on extended pieces of work and homework tasks with built in time to allow students to respond to feedback and upgrade their work further.  Homework is set as per the school’s homework calendar with a range of project tasks being set to support and challenge all learners.

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