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Course Information 

We aim to enable all students to gain competence and confidence in as wide a range of communication skills as possible, both as practitioners and critics. We seek to develop creativity, expertise and enjoyment in reading and writing, speaking and listening. At KS3, students study a common curriculum, meeting National Curriculum requirements. For example, students study a Shakespeare play, a pre-twentieth century novel and the media. To develop independent reading, students follow an ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme. Additionally, we focus on spelling and grammar, integrating these key skills into every scheme of work. These are based on texts, themes or styles and are constantly reviewed to ensure progression and effective preparation for KS4 examination requirements in both language and literature.

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7Students study a modern novel, pre-twentieth century poetry, media and non-fiction texts, and a Shakespeare play. They complete an author study and follow the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme.
Year 8Students study a modern novel, selected war poetry, a nineteenth century novel, the gothic genre, media and non-fiction texts. They complete an author study and follow the ‘Accelerated Reader’ programme.
Year 9Students study seminal world literature, a Shakespeare play, the crime genre, selected pre-twentieth century and modern poetry, media and non-fiction texts. Schemes of work are modelled directly on English GCSE requirements.

Extra Curricular Opportunities 

There is a weekly, lunch time KS3 writing club. We arrange theatre trips to appropriate local performances and also organise an annual ‘Young Speaker’ competition sponsored by Wirksworth Rotary Club.


Students have a formal reading and writing assessment each half term linked to the scheme of work they have studied. Homework is set every week.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the English curriculum please email for more information