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Course Information: 

At all key stages, Drama aims to help students become skilled in a wide range of transferable skills including:

  • Developing an open mind and the ability to experiment with different ideas;
  • Confidence, self- presentation and communication skills;
  • Teamwork, collaboration and leadership;
  • Time management, stamina and organisational skills;
  • Self-awareness and self-discipline;
  • The opportunity to explore and enact human experience through drama;
  • The ability to manage and learn from constructive feedback.

These skills become more of a focus at key stage 4 and 5

  • An enjoyment and appreciation of live theatre;
  • An appreciation of the technical and historical aspects of drama and theatre;
  • An understanding of the place and function of Drama in modern society;

Drama does this by

  • Using engaging schemes of work that are designed to be accessible to all.
  • Creating a safe and encouraging environment for students to explore in.
  • Having fun!

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7Students are introduced to the skills of drama through group work, improvisation and performance skills. They look at scripts and how to take them from page to stage and explore the spooky Scornbury Manor to learn about dramatic tension and storytelling.
Year 8Students look at the skills of voice work by creating a radio play, explore different genres and enter an undercover spy school to learn how to create characters.
Year 9Students focus on acting skills to develop key skills for key stage 4. They look at masks and how to create more abstract work and explore the other roles within drama including sound and lights.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

Drama opportunities outside of the curriculum are indispensable and we try to offer as many as possible. There are theatre visits to allow students to experience as many different types of theatre as possible. In school there is a yearly production which is open to all as well as lunchtime clubs and occasional external providers.


Students carry out a practical assessment at the end of each unit of work. Verbal assessment and feedback forms a vital part of each lesson.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Drama curriculum please email for more information.