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Computer technology is changing our lives. Profound as the change has been in recent years, this is just the beginning. The paperless office may have turned out to be a myth, but the driverless vehicle is already a reality and if the pace continues at the same rate, what will the world be like in 30 years’ time? Will it just be slicker and more sophisticated, or will it be almost unrecognisable? At Anthony Gell School technology is used across all subjects and pupils are becoming confident users of various devices and software made available across school. Therefore, in Computing lessons we show our pupils not just how to use software, but particularly how it is made, and encourage them to write their own programs. We aim to instil into our pupils an enthusiasm for the technology that will then help them learn how to harness its power and develop its potential.

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7Students are introduced to the fundamentals of problem solving and computational thinking. Using robots and micro pc’s to demonstrate their programming skills.
Year 8Computational thinking is developed further as students are introduced to progressive software to test their skills. How a computer works is investigated to supplement their knowledge on programming.
Year 9Developing programming skills using industry recognised software and programming languages helps prepare students for GCSE


Students have a formal on line assessment at the end of each unit of work they have studied.

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