Mrs Bailey, Mrs Abbiss and Miss Hendley

Course Information

We aim to enable all students to gain confidence in a wide range of materials and techniques. We teach various techniques with materials such as pencil, pencil crayon, oil pastel, watercolour, pen, 3D construction and photography. As part of their experience we look at various artists from past and present to give a wide range of experience and knowledge. Students are given choice through their own research to enable them to design their own art work and be able to develop their own creativity.

Course Content

Course Content
Year 7Students study 2 topics, including an underwater project, colour and still life.
Year 8Students study 2 topics, including a portrait project and mythical creatures.
Year 9Students study major projects on several great artists and art movements. We start to look in more depth at presenting ideas as well as techniques which would lead on to GCSE Art in years 10 and 11.

Extra Curricular Opportunities

There are weekly opportunities for students undertake additional art work during lunch times. The annual well dressing event is open to year 7 who design and construct the well dressing to be displayed in the local community.


Students are assessed on a termly basis on quality and skills across the art curriculum. Homework’s are set on a termly basis.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Art curriculum please email for more information.