For anyone who didn’t attend the Spring Concert, organised by the music department on Monday evening, I must tell you…. you missed an absolute treat! The evening was very varied, with wonderful performances by the Orchestra & Urban Choir, individual musicians playing flute, clarinet, piano, electric guitar & violin, a number of small bands/groups and some absolutely stunning vocalists! The production / sound quality was also great!

The talent on display really was fantastic but what made this concert extra special for me was the enthusiasm, supportive atmosphere and warmth, that were palpable.

At the beginning of the event we were told that a grand piano, upright piano and drums used during the performance & rehearsal had all been generously donated to the school (and were subsequently played with aplomb!)

Then, as each of the performers took their place on the stage, it was evident that they all felt encouraged and supported, able to be themselves and enjoy performing without fear of judgement. Some had only had minimal rehearsal time (but were allowed to say so!); a young musician who had only played in public once before, was accompanied by a 6th former for extra support (and performed brilliantly!). Every child or group, no matter who they were or how accomplished they were, received genuine rapturous applause both from the audience and their peers, and it was lovely to see how valued each and every participant was.

I was also surprised to learn that there was a staff choir! The wit of their song choice (including “Help” by The Beatles) was not lost on the audience, but how lovely it is, that the staff are happy to get together and rehearse in their free time and commit further time to take part in the concert.

So – a massive “well done & thank you” to everyone who performed, and all those staff associated with the music department.

This was a memorable, emotional and uplifting event and a great reminder of the power & importance of music and the very special qualities of Anthony Gell School!

Kerry Grant

Parent of Year 11 Student