There were lots of very happy students collecting their results at Anthony Gell School this morning. Staff were on hand to congratulate the students, assist, advise, and share in the celebrations which followed.

The sixth form students at AGS in 2023 have once again achieved impressive results; results closely matching, and in many cases bettering, those achieved by students in other excellent schools across the country.

Headteacher, Malcolm Kelly, stated how pleased he was with the way staff and students had responded to all that had been asked of them.

“These results are a very good indication of the achievements of this group of students and accurately reflect some of their many strengths. This is all the more pleasing when we remind ourselves that for this group of young people these were the first set of formal examinations sat, given the changes which were in place when they were due to sit their GCSEs. Our students have once again shown an outstanding determination to succeed and they have been expertly supported in doing so by specialist staff. As is usual at AGS, the vast majority of our Year 13 cohort have chosen to now study for degrees, and the results they have achieved in this summer’s exams opens the door to a wide range of courses at excellent Universities across the UK. I was equally delighted to see students gaining results which will enable them to begin degree level apprenticeships and careers in various organisations, as each moves into a progression route best suited to their individual goals and talents. New chapters are about to begin for all of these young people. We wish them well and thank them for all they have done whilst at AGS. They have gained a lot but also contributed a great deal during their time with us.”