Anthony Gell School

Year 6 Transition - September 2021

Hello Everybody,

I am pleased to say that we will be organising a full transition programme this year. The process begins with the Pastoral Team visiting schools over the next few weeks, to meet the children to discuss the next stage of their educational journey. Students will be able to ask questions and also complete a form about their friendship choices, hobbies and any worries they may have, which will be addressed on the day of the visit. The Pastoral Team will speak to the Year 6 teacher to gain all the student’s information to ensure we have everything we need for a smooth transition, plus enable the team to put the 5 classes together.

Students will be invited to attend one our activity induction mornings on the 14th and 15th June to enjoy team building and bonding activities. They will then come for a full day visit on Monday 5th July; students will experience a timetabled day. Later in the day students will have the opportunity to meet their Tutors and Pastoral Manager. The day will finish at 3.15pm. Those travelling by bus will be escorted to the buses by their tutors and allowed to get on ahead of older students. Those walking or getting lifts home do so in agreement with their parent.

On the 6th July we are holding an important parent meeting for all Year 6 parents which will be held virtually at 6pm. Further details will be sent about this evening.

It is an exciting time for all involved, however it can be an anxious time as well. Please do not hesitate in contacting school and speaking to me about any issues.

Mrs Rachel Pickford

Assistant Headteacher: Head of Pastoral Care.

The Pathway into Year 7 - Sept 2021

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 Parent Leaflet: 

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Y6 Student Booklet:

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Catering arrangements

During the half day transitions on the 14th or 15th June, the catering team will be on hand to set students up on their system - this uses finger print recognition and links to ParentPay.  The school will then send out a letter to each parent, to add their child to a ParentPay account and top up some funds for the meals at school (if meals are preferred over a packed lunch).

On the full day visit on the 5th July, students will be able to experience the dining choices and collect their meal deal choice, using their fingerprint to pay for their meal (unless the student prefers a packed lunch).  

Food Central - our Catering provider

Food Central is Derbyshire County Council's catering service, providing 'Great food all in one place.'  Meals are nutritionally balances and created with students' preferences in mind. The service is very different to primary school and there are two food services each day:  Morning Break and Lunch.  

The dining system is similar to a café; customers can choose items from a wide selection of freshly prepared foods. During lunch most food items are available as a 'meal deal' similar to a meal in primary school and include a main course, dessert and drink.  Other items such as a snack or drink can be bought individually.

The method of payment is through a 'cashless system', where a fingrprint reader is used at the till.  This requires money to be loaded on to each account and topped up using ParentPay.  If you are entitled to Free School Meals, you will get a meal allowance added to your account to spend.

As a caterer, customer welfare and safety is paramount and steps have been taken to ensure the service is provided in a COVID-19 safe manner.  Measures include risk assessments that are regularly monitored and updated, staff wearing face coverings, amended service to allow for staggered break/lunch service and contactless payment.