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We are very proud of the achievements of our students and we help every child to learn and develop a wide range of skills and attributes. We encourage students to be aspirational and support them in working hard in order to achieve academic excellence and self-fulfilment. The progress that our students make takes commitment and a determination to succeed, regardless of background or prior educational ability. We place a great deal of emphasis on the partnership that exists between school and home. At Anthony Gell School we know that when teachers, students and parents work together the chances of success are much greater.


  GCSE / Level 2 Qualifications

The 2018 GCSE results mark the start of the new assessment grading system being used by a much wider range of subjects. Students who collected their exam results in 2018 received the majority of their exam grades in a number form, using a new 9 to 1 system. This change, both in the syllabuses taught in schools across the country and in the grades received means that schools can no longer compare performance of this year's students to those of the past years. The diagram below shows the relationship between the 9 to 1 and A* to G grading systems:

Several new school performance statistics on which to judge success were introduced nationally in 2016. Of these 'Progress 8' is the most significant  and this measures the progress of a student from their arrival at secondary school in Year 7 to their GCSE results in Year 11. A Progress 8 score of 0.0 means that the students have made the expected level of progress for their ability, across a range of eight different subjects. A Progress 8 score of more than 0.0 means that the students have performed better in this school than their peers in most other schools in England. For the 2018 GCSE results, Anthony Gell School achieved a provisional headline Progress 8 score of -0.1 which is close to the national average of zero.

The new ‘harder’ GCSE exams in English and Maths in 2017 proved not to be a stumbling block for the Year 11 students at AGS, as results in both of these key subject areas improved. In Maths, 84% of the Year 11 at AGS achieved a ‘standard pass’ (equivalent to the old grade C) which was a 10% increase from 2016. In English this figure reached 86%, compared to 71% the year before. We are very pleased by the way in which our students responded to the new 'harder' GCSEs in a much wider range of subjects in 2018


A Level / Level 3 Qualifications

The A level results of our 2018 cohort of students were also very good. Students achieved well in all subject areas and exceptionally well in Biology, German, Physical Education, Physics, Religious Studies and Travel & Tourism.

Destination analysis shows that a very high proportion of students leaving the Anthony Gell School 6th form went on to secure employment, continuing education or training.


To find out more about our school’s performance in examinations please follow the link below:

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