Anthony Gell School

REMOTE ACCESS Instructions

 You can access remote apps by visiting this web address (best to use Chrome for this);-

 This will take you to the following screen;-



Login here with your usual network credentials. This should take you to the following screen;-


This is a list of all of the available apps in school (note "AGS Network Files" - a file explorer for the school network).  

 When you open one of the apps for the first time (provided you are using Chrome - other browsers will handle this differently), it will download an "rdp" file - at the bottom of the browser. Click on it, choose "always open files of this type", then "open".

 You will probably have to authenticate again (normally only the first time though);-



 (NOTE – if “domain” doesn’t say ANTGELL, you will have to add “antgell\” in front of your login)

 Then your chosen app should open. This is an example of MS Word 2016;-


If you want to open an existing file (from the school network), choose "open other documents" on the left, then "browse" and "this PC". It should open this screen;-


where you can find the file you need.  Saving a document is done through the same file structure.