Anthony Gell School

Congratulations Year 11




Never has a group of AGS Year 11 students had to cope with so much uncertainty in the lead up to their GCSE/Level 2 results. These fabulous young people have missed many of the events which form part of their usual rites of passage, as they completed Key Stage 4 of their formal education and readied themselves for what comes next. Following a hastily arranged last few days of school back in March, these students have coped admirably with the trauma of a lockdown, the unusual end to their school year, a lack of face to face support from teachers and staff in school and a mix of messages about how results would be calculated on their behalf.

The lead up to any results day can be stressful enough, but we have asked our learners in 2020 to cope with far more than the usual stresses and strains.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, given what we know already about the strength of this Year Group, by the fact that they have responded with a maturity and a sense of togetherness which typifies their attitude. They have shown a great resilience to the difficulties they have been faced with and they have been rewarded by being presented with some of the best results in the history of AGS.

I am so pleased to be able to put months of uncertainty to one side and, with some relief and a great deal of pride, see our Year 11 students collect a set of results which accurately reflect how much they have grown and developed during their time at AGS.

The results awarded to our Year 11 in 2020 will enable all of them to progress and build on what they have learned to date. We are likely to be admitting another large number of students into our excellent Sixth Form in September, with many students electing to continue their studies with us. Others, who have opted for alternative post-16 routes, will leave us well-equipped for their chosen courses and will be superb ambassadors for a school which is justifiably proud of their achievements.

As always, the final results paint just part of a complex picture;   indicating just some of what these students have learned and experienced during their time with us. Memories of a wide range of experiences in and outside of the classroom will live alongside lasting friendships. Skills and attributes learned and developed at AGS will help this group of young people make positive contributions and help them to build on the success achieved to date.


Malcolm Kelly



Click here for a copy of the letter sent to Year 11 about results day.