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Year 7 Catch Up Premium

Year 7 Catchup

In 2013, the Government introduced the Year 7 Catch-Up Fund. The purpose of this is to enable all secondary schools to help support all students who did not achieve at least level 4 in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum (SATS) tests in reading and/or mathematics.

In 2015‐16, Anthony Gell School was allocated £6,500(for 9 students in English and for 4 students in Maths) in funding as part of the Year 7 Catch Up initiative. Year 7 catch‐up funding provides an additional £500 for every student who has not achieved level 4 in reading and/or maths at key stage 2. This funding aims to help these students to ‘catch up’ with their peers during their first year in the school.

It is anticipated that in 2016‐17, Anthony Gell School will be allocated the same funding as 2015/16. This is due to the Government moving to a funding new system following the removal of levels and the introduction of Scaled Scores at the end of key stage 2.

Funding – our approach

Anthony Gell School strives to attain the highest standards and we ensure that all students have equal access to learning and activities. We provide a wide range of ways to learn, to enable all students to take part fully in learning and to do their best.

In deciding how we spend the Year 7 Catch-Up Fund, we recognise that not all students took the SATS tests and there will be cases where some students currently in Year 7 are not yet working at level 4 and we do not directly receive funding for these students from this fund. As such the school will sometimes involve any students or groups of students the school has identified as needing additional support in reading and/or mathematics to achieve the best results in all subjects.