Anthony Gell School

Year 10 River Ecclesbourne Field Trip

Measuring flows and flood risk at the River Ecclesbourne

On Friday 29th September, the year 10 Geographers donned their wellies and waterproofs and headed down to Duffield  with Miss Smith, Mrs Lowe and Mr Gaskin to measure flows along the River Ecclesbourne and how the risk of the river flooding has been mitigated.

Despite the rain and grey skies, students were keen to get into the river and put their fieldwork skills into practice. They measured the velocity of the river using the old-fashioned dog biscuit technique and also had chance to use fieldwork technology including an impeller.  Students also gathered information on the likelihood of the river flooding and how its properties varied over two different sites.

Once the rain had passed, we enjoyed an afternoon in glorious autumn sunshine. The students came away from the day with an armoury of skills that they will be examined on at the end of year 11.