Anthony Gell School

We will Rock You - a triumph!

Those who were  lucky enough to attend our school’s production of “We Will Rock You”, left school after the performances feeling uplifted and inspired by a large number of talented students who had been supported by a very hard-working set of staff.

Nearly 100 children and adults who worked together for months in the lead up to last week’s shows will have developed relationships that will last a long time, skills that will enable them to succeed in a range of environments and confidence that will empower them now and in the future.

We saw joy on the faces of the audience, mostly made up of relatives of the cast, being mirrored by those on the stage and behind the scenes.  There was a shared understanding that we were witnessing something really quite special. Andy Pollock, the Mayor of Wirksworth, who attended the final show spoke to the audience, cast and crew about the pride and admiration he has of the young people who attend Anthony Gell School. 

You will find LOTS of photos from the show here